Earth to Lulu, “HELP”.

It's amazing how much more respect I received when I started calling - what some might call a mild hoarding problem - into an “I collect vintage" hobby. After years of doing nothing but displaying my collection, I started planting flowers in them, which gained praise from my dear friends and guests. But the sweet and skeptical husband I have lived with for 37 years was still not convinced. And honestly, the plants were multiplying and I was running out of room for him. So instead of pushing him out of the house, I started putting price tags on my creations, just to see what might happen. Lulu's House was born.

Now, one year later, my vintage collection is being shared with you all, and to my surprise and excitement I realized that I have been upcycling and recycling all these thrift store, estate sale, garage sale, etc. items for many years. I am thrilled to be part of the movement that recognizes the threat of climate change and yet still hopes to make an impact in our local communities to stop and reverse the harm that we have done to our beautiful planet. We have enough junk in this world. I am proud to say that Lulu's House recycles or upcycles 95% of her product, including packaging.

I am no expert in the recycling community, only Fairy Gardening (see credentials in my last blog). But I am doing my little part in the larger picture, and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

I do, however, have a friend that is an expert on recycling. Richard has started a company called Green Rank, which aides us as restaurant-goers to support businesses that make efforts to create less waste and recycle. He says “Continue to recycle. Continue to reduce your consumption of natural resources and fossil fuels. Continue to learn, share, and act. But as you’re doing these things, remember that we are in a period of transition. A destructive, unsustainable system is passing away and we have the power to shape what will replace it. Start now. Be the change you want to see.”

Love the planet you’re on.

Love, Lulu