Lulu promises that

her workshops are kid friendly and safe for all.

Lulu's No-Shame Guarantee

"You must fail at gardening to master it.”

Within 30 days, if a plant or fairy garden that you purchased or created starts looking sad, send Lulu an email and she will replace it or she will help you bring it back to life and give you guidance on how to keep it looking green and fresh in your home.

Care for the Tillandsia (Air Plants) is a little tricky as they are used to the rainforest which Denver certainly is not. Keep them out of direct sun. Take them out of their container once a week, soak them in warm water once per week for 30 minutes. Take them out of water, shake them off and put back into their home.

Care for Plants that are succulents is easier. Water heavily once or twice a month and give them some sunshine.

Care for tropical plants varies. Each plant that you purchase from Lulu should have the name and care instructions on it but to learn more try This website has great pictures and care information.